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at Normandy Waste Management Systems


Normandy Waste Management Systems was created by a food waste recycling company with over twenty years experience in the food processing industry. This experience has given us a detailed knowledge of how much value is lost when ingredients are diverted from their primary market into the by-product market, as well as how deep food manufacturing waste costs can cut into a company’s profits. We created Normandy Waste Management Systems to help our clients reduce food waste by providing them with the tools and information they need to identify their waste sources, communicate their objectives, and improve their sustainability and profits. We are committed to supporting your commercial waste management initiatives.

If you’re a fantastic organization, that’s looking for inspiration on the sustainability home front, we might just be a good fit. Sharing our twenty-years of knowledge on food by-product recycling and food waste reduction opportunities is very important to us. It is our goal to help the greater food production community learn how to track and reduce waste streams across the United States. We’ve been honored to speak at these recent conferences:

2015 Network for Business Innovation and Sustainability “Innovating Waste-to-Profit in Tacoma & South Sound” (Tacoma, Washington)

2016 Solid Waste Association of North America “SWANApalooza: The Road to Zero Waste” Conference (Charleston, South Carolina)

2017 Northwest Food Processors Association “Food & Beverage Manufacturers Expo & Conference” (Portland, Oregon)

Let’s chat more and learn how we can all work together.


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