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Who is Normandy Food Waste Management Systems for?
Normandy Food Waste Management Systems are designed for any organization that generates enough waste where a successful sustainability program will actually make a difference in profitability and/or environmental impact. Our services are for companies that are committed to reducing waste but lack the proper tooling and communication. They have been designed to support manufacturing organizations that recognize the importance of education, communication, and 100% across-the-board participation for a successful sustainability and manufacturing waste reduction program.
Does it matter where my company is located?
Normandy Waste Management Systems provides services across the United States. Our company continues to expand its services, so please contact us if you are a prospective international client.
What does it take to get started?
1. Start to reduce manufacturing waste by contacting us at Normandy Waste Management Systems.

2. We’ll listen to your objectives and help you determine the best package to meet the needs of your waste/cost reduction program.

3. Upon receipt of an executed contract, we will begin configuring your system’s hardware and provide a timeline to support your specific program. Setup generally takes a day and will be performed with the assistance of our Normandy team. To get started, all you will need is a 110 power supply. From the moment the waste management system setup is complete, our system will start gathering waste data and making it available through your private dashboard.

What kind of training do you offer?
Our waste management systems are designed to be easy to use and intuitive. The operator interface is a simple touch-screen menu-driven device that is programmed to meet your facility’s unique operations. Operators will recognize the manufacturing production lines and waste types as they appear on the menu. Accessing your company dashboard is quick via our client portal where you may enter your personal username, our client manual and support options. While our system is extremely user-friendly, we are always here to support you at 1-888-602-9259.
What kind or support do you offer?
Your satisfaction is our first priority. Any time you have a question or problem, check our client portal for common solutions or call our client support at 1-888-602-9259. Normandy Waste Management Systems engineers and IT group will be able to help you with any system-related issues or questions. We also work with local providers to troubleshoot and repair any hardware issues on-site.
Is there software that I need to download? If there is, how many licenses are included?
No, with Normandy Waste Management Systems there is no software that you need to install on any of your company computers, nor any licenses to purchase. All of the information is displayed via your web-based dashboard accessed on your desktop or any mobile device with your preferred internet browser.
Am I limited to a certain number of users?
No. Users will be assigned usernames and passwords to access the dashboard at the start of your subscription. Administrative privileges will be assigned to single or multiple users, depending on the needs of the business. A username is not required to receive the weekly email digest providing a summary of waste data.


What kind of setup fees should I expect?
There are no setup fees.
Is there additional cost for the hardware?
No, all of the hardware is included in the contract price.
How long are the terms of the contract?
Our most popular package is a 36 month term (no set-up fees), however we are willing to offer extended and reduced package options.
Can I upgrade or include Add-On’s once I’ve already signed the contract?
Yes, you can change the services within your plan at any time without lengthening the terms of your contract.


How does Normandy Waste Management Systems get the data from the scale counter?
Via your installed wireless router, Normandy Waste Management Systems communicates your real-time data to Normandy’s logging server.
Learn more about our system.

There’s no need for you to do any of the data processing. All the food manufacturing waste information is displayed in graphs that are easy to read, informational, and ready for distribution.

Take a dashboard tour and see how easy it is!  

Having live feedback set against your manufacturing waste reduction goals helps both management and employees see how effective their individual and group efforts are in achieving their benchmarks.

Read more about how we can help you communicate with your team.  

Sort info by waste type, shift or line to identify where in your processes you generate the most waste, and where to focus your food processing waste reduction efforts for the highest return.

Take a tour of the Dashboard learn more.  

The user-friendly touch screens on the manufacturing floor are designed based on the types of waste and lines that needs measured.

View our hardware setup to see the one of the many touch screen possibilities.  

It’s difficult to know where your company is headed if you can’t see where it has been, so we maintain a complete historical database of manufacturing waste data, as well offer trend charts to allow comparisons between days, months, periods, and years.

Take a tour of our Dashboard to find out more.  

You get the manufacturing waste information necessary to help you improve your bottom line through the reduction and management of your waste streams and the associated costs.

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Your manufacturing waste data is stored on your onsite node and the Normandy Waste Management Systems external server so whether there’s a power outage, the network goes down or any other loss of communication, your data is safe.

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