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We’ll share our 20+ years of knowledge on commercial food waste through relationships across the supply chain.

Our Story

Normandy Waste Management Systems was created by a food waste recycling company, Feed Commodities, LLC, with over twenty years of experience in the food processing industry. Our team has substantial knowledge on the value lost when ingredients are diverted from their primary market into the by-product market.

Designed to capture and streamline waste data, Normandy WMS hardware and software services have integrated into dozens of food production facility systems. The growth of Normandy WMS is the result of our trusted partnerships. Plant operators, haulers, food safety teams, auditors and accountants need ONE practical food waste tracking solution. We apply our expertise. We listen to our clients.

Normandy WMS Leadership

Jim Seley


Jim is an accomplished business leader with 20+ years of experience recycling various food by-products and working with food processors in designing custom system applications. Through this experience, Jim has developed a good understanding of some of the challenges these companies face in trying to improve their bottom line through waste reduction. Inspired to capture real-time data and improved waste stream tracking, Jim founded Normandy Waste Management Systems in 2008. Jim’s exemplary leadership and innovative approach were recognized in 2017 by Seattle Business Magazine when presented the honor of Washington’s Sustainability Manufacturer of the Year.

Jim received his bachelor’s degree from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA, and his MBA from the University of Washington. Jim is the managing member and president of Feed Commodities, LLC (est. 1996). In addition to coaching local youth sports, Jim is a contributing board member on the Tacoma-Pierce County Business Alliance Political Action Committee and the Pointe du Hoc Foundation.

Melissa Miletich

Director of Marketing and Client Integration

Mel oversees the identification and development of partnerships, working directly with customers and ensuring smooth integration of services in the corporate and local operating environments. She directs the Normandy WMS team of engineers and software developers, supporting ongoing technical development to meet the needs of the internal and client system infrastructure.

Mel graduated from Virginia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management and Global Business, and later completed a Master of International Management. Mel has served as a faculty member at the Virginia Tech Business Technology Center providing business planning and marketing research to entrepreneurs and high-tech companies in Southwest Virginia, and currently directs marketing and food safety initiatives at Feed Commodities LLC. As an original teammate of the Pointe du Hoc Foundation, Mel volunteers as a Board Member serving 2d Battalion Rangers and families.

Conferences We’ve been Honored to Speak At

2015 Network for Business Innovation and Sustainability “Innovating Waste-to-Profit in Tacoma & South Sound”

Tacoma, Washington

2016 Solid Waste Association of North America “SWANApalooza: The Road to Zero Waste” Conference

Charleston, South Carolina

2017 Northwest Food Processors Association “Food & Beverage Manufacturers Expo & Conference”

Portland, Oregon

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Normandy Waste Management Systems was created by a food waste recycling company with over twenty years experience in the food processing industry.

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